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Many successful athletes, entertainers and actors are not just satisfied with their own personal success; they feel the need to give back to their community or a cause. Some of our clients have the unique ability to help others. While foundations operate for the benefit of others, they can also create a liability for themselves. Whether they are supporting the educational development of our youth or raising money for programs promoting positive change in low socioeconomic neighborhoods, they are vulnerable to a wide variety of lawsuits. Through the years, we have worked to develop tailored insurance products to help protect foundations, their sponsors, volunteers and employees.

The risks associated with a nonprofit organization such as a foundation are often unnoticed and can be misunderstood. Fundraisers can often involve automobiles and alcohol among other exposures. Contributing high net worth individuals who are included could give rise to unauthorized photographs and misuse of their name or image. The foundations financial existence can be severely damaged due to the death, disability or incriminating action of the founder. With years of experience in this arena, we can help foundations face the unique challenges in today' s environment. Nonprofit foundations such as the Tiger Woods Foundation and Alonzo Mourning Charities trust us to ensure their organizations have the adequate insurance protection they need.

Our committed team of talented professionals can provide you with comprehensive risk management services specific to your foundation.

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