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Did Muhammad Ali call a buddy that sells insurance to purchase coverage for his hands? Did Bruce Springsteen contact a neighbor that sells insurance about insuring his voice? Not likely! Given what's at stake, they probably contacted an established firm that knows their industry.

We are that type of company and excel in designing and developing individual products for athletes and entertainers. Today this area of our business has expanded to include key executives of sports manufacturers, executive directors of sports entities, team owners, record label executives and conference commissioners. Consider the filmmaker that needs coverage in case the featured star becomes disabled or dies. Perhaps the sports manufacturer with a product line built around an athlete needs protection in case that athlete commits a criminal act or public indiscretion resulting in negative publicity. All of these individuals share a common need for unique insurance coverage.

Regardless of your position in the sports or entertainment industry, our trained professionals have the capabilities to not only find the right products but also to create personalized coverage to fulfill your needs. Examples of coverage provided include:

  • High limit disability coverage
  • High value replacement for homes and automobiles
  • Key individual life insurance
  • Umbrella coverage to protect an athlete's or entertainer's assets
  • Collegiate future value disability coverage
  • Draft position coverage

Entrust your career and future with a firm that not only understands your business but also focuses on protecting your interests.

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