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Are you a gambler? You might be if you rely on your personal insurance agent to sell you the right coverage for your amateur sports organization. Protecting an organization is much more complex than protecting an individual or family. There is no one size fits all coverage. Every sport and every association is different. You need a specialist to assess your risks and explain your options.

More than 30 million Americans participate in amateur sports each year, and most through an organized association or national governing body. Children constitute the largest group of participants in amateur sports, with their own set of special risks. Accidents, injuries, fights, theft, vandalism, sexual misconduct - the list of things to consider can be daunting.

We are adept at providing the appropriate insurance coverage and risk management techniques to keep your athletes safe and your facilities damage-free. We recognize the unique needs of your organization - whether it's national, regional or local - by structuring insurance products to protect employees and volunteers against issues relative to the daily decisions they make.

Our team of professionals helps your organization select the appropriate comprehensive insurance products including general liability, accident and catastrophic coverage to protect your athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers. Our dedicated staff is also available to provide advice with regard to those unusual insurance products that you might not think of, such as Kidnap and Ransom coverage for your elite athlete delegations traveling internationally or coverage for your equipment and property while traveling to events. Or there may be a need for malpractice coverage for doctors and medical personnel traveling with teams outside of their home states.

We are committed to providing comprehensive risk management services to our amateur sports organizations, along with creative insurance products specifically designed for your organization. Our services have proven effective in the mitigation of athlete injuries and property damage. We also offer contract review, which is a useful tool in removing responsibility from the organization to those parties who should be assuming the risk.

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