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We understand the risks associated with owning a franchise business, both for the franchisor and the franchise operators. General Liability isn't enough to cover the professional, contractual, employment-related and vicarious liability exposures you may unknowingly face each day. Those relationships that you depend on to build your business - franchise owners and their customers, property managers, equipment and product suppliers, and your employees, board members and investors - each carries its own risk. How you manage that risk can make or break the business you've worked so hard to build.

Our insurance and risk management team realizes that your time and focus should be on your business - not on the intricacies of insurance coverage, policies and the lingo that goes with them. We appreciate that your time shouldn't be spent trying to purchase insurance online from someone you don't know, hoping all the while that you've covered all the bases. We get to know YOU, recognizing the individual needs of your franchise business. We explain the real-life situations in terms that make sense to you and map out a comprehensive and affordable plan to protect you and the assets of your business.

We can also help you expand your business by offering a customized and easily accessible insurance program for all of your franchise operators. You can have the assurance that each location is protected, eliminating the uncertainty resulting from inconsistent coverage, limits and carriers.

For questions regarding this program, please email us.

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